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Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction


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We are thrilled to be recognized for our work in providing upgraded experiences for event attendees. This week, it was announced that MeetingPlay was shortlisted for 'Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction' by The Event Technology Awards. Here’s the case study that earned us this prestigious nomination.

MeetingPlay Award Winning Event App

Event Overview

Teradata, the world leader in pervasive data intelligence, turned to MeetingPlay for their event of 3000+ attendees.  They were looking to bring their mobile app to the next level with enhanced features and functionalities to encourage networking and engagement.

Teradata Analytics University 2018

  • 3000+ attendees

  • 45+ countries

  • 200+ sessions

  • 900+ companies


Most of Teradata’s attendees come to this event for learning, education and networking. However, in the past attendees did not engage in networking efforts as expected. 

  • It was important to provide a solution that would allow attendees to get the most out of the event in a way that was intuitive for them. 

  • Most attendees had come to this event in past years, so it was also important to provide fresh, new opportunities. 

  • In particular, gamification efforts had become stale. Teradata was looking for a more customized experience for this event.

How MeetingPlay Helped

As mentioned, attendees come to this event with the goal of networking. With over 3000 attendees, it could have been overwhelming for attendees to find the right connections. 


Matchmaking App for Event Networking

MeetingPlay used a matchmaking algorithm to present each attendee with their Top 50 matches. We did this using a networking questionnaire that attendees completed when they logged in to the app. This questionnaire included a mix of professional and personal questions meant to match people together. For example,  one question asked of customers was “what Teradata solution are you excited to learn about?” and those customers were matched with Teradata employees knowledgeable in the solutions selected. Next, we matched first time attendees with attendees who had attended in the past. Potential matches were also considered based on personal questions - for example, we asked attendees about their favorite vacation locations and hobbies, and attendees were matched on similar responses.

Attendee matches were populated within the My Network section of the app. There, attendees could see photos of their matches along with additional information, like why they were matched, to help as conversation starters.

Proximity Notifications

To assist the process, we used proximity notifications (through the use of wearable beacon technology) to alert attendees when a match was nearby. In doing so, attendees didn’t have to search for a face in a crowd. This allowed attendees to interact naturally, anywhere at the event. For example, if an attendee was waiting by the elevator and a match was nearby, they would receive a notification and could strike up a conversation right then and there. 

Meeting Scheduling

Meeting Scheduling Mobile Event AppAttendees were also given the option to schedule meetings through MeetingPlay’s scheduling tool, which displays available time slots for both parties as well as a meeting spot. This ensured no one missed out on connecting with their matches.

Most importantly, the app prompted the attendee at every step. This way, attendees could focus on the event rather than steps to take in the networking process.


Event GamificationIn addition to attendee networking, Teradata was also focused on bringing a new level of exhibitor interactions to their event by driving traffic to their expo sponsors. This is something that was done in past years using gamification, but that effort had become expected and tired.

MeetingPlay developed a scavenger hunt for attendees who were incentivized to complete tasks like connecting with matches or exhibitors. As attendees collected points, they were able to take a spin at a digital slot machine.  To play the slot machines, attendees scanned their name badge at one of our live engagement displays, and rolling slots became visible. These displays were huge and, because of their size and sounds from the game, attracted a lot of attention. At the event, we found a lot of people gathered around these displays, and they became a big conversation piece.

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Teradata achieved an app download rate of 92%, up 13% from the previous year. The most visited sections of the app included the scavenger hunt (gamification feature) and attendee list (all networking activities pointed to this section of the app). Attendees scheduling 1:1 meetings increased 450% YoY. In post event surveys, the app had a satisfaction score of 89%.

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