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6 Ways MeetingPlay’s Technology Will Help Innovate, Engage & Drive Revenue at Your Next Event!

Blair Pettrey

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Spotlight for MeetingPlay’s Technology Process and System

Event technology is at the forefront of 2016 – in fact, it seems technology – defined by Merriam Webster as "the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry" has been on the edge of tongues since the inception of time... or at least since the digital age. If you go back far enough, the term technology was coined over 200 years ago... but the meaning, definition, and application of what "technology" is - has changed drastically over the years - especially the last 10 years.


Today, whether technology is specific depending on what industry you are referencing – and yet whether it’s mechanical, science, engineering, or even digital – technology is relevant and ever changing.

And event technology is no hidden cousin – in fact, event technology is one of the most relevant and impactful ways in which technology is growing and adapting.


From event social walls / tag boards, mobile event apps, live polls during events (once known as ‘Audience Response System’), the many ways we can engage and network at events, help sponsors, show ROI – or so much more – there’s no denying, event technology is on the forefront of breaking edge technology – and of course, MeetingPlay is topping the list of the industries cutting edge technology providers.



How, you ask?

1.)    Social Walls 

In case you missed one of our latest announcements, MeetingPlay recent introduced social walls (aka tag boards) to events. Our 100 foot displays help drive engagement à taking personal to a community level, and building up awareness and connection to your event. (Learn more here).

2.)    QR codes 

MeetingPlay has been implementing QR codes and the many benefits for a while now – but whether it’s creating a way to gamify your event, or build a stronger possibility of networking and 1x1 communication or vendor ROI – QR codes can help you! (Learn more here.)

3.)    iBeacon Technology 

If your next event is at a large conference center – MeetingPlay’s latest technology – wayfinding – can help you direct attendees through the hotel or center though iBeacon technology. Directions from front desk – to room – to the exact meeting room; MeetingPlay’s technology can help you guide your attendees there. (Learn more here.)

4.)    Registration 

Whether you’re trying to expedite the process of event registration prior to your event, or speed the process on site – MeetingPlay’s registration services can help you speed and optimize this process! (Learn more here.)

5.)    Gamification 

Wanting to excite and engage your event or conference attendees though gamification? MeetingPlay is here to help! Encourage networking and engagement by offering points. Filling out your rich media mobile event app that MeetingPlay offers? Your attendees can also earn points. There’s many ways event attendees can engage with event gamification – but from the initial buzz, to the continuous daily leaderboards – MeetingPlay helps keep your attendees engaged with the utilization of gamification at your event! (Learn more here, here, and here.)

6.)  Live Polling / Audience Response System 

When was the last time you attended an event, and the speak took a survey, in real time, and you via your mobile phone, could respond – and then see the responses in that speakers slide show presentation? MeetingPlay allows speakers to integrate live polling in their talks through ARS (audience response system) – which keeps your event attendees engaged! We’ve helped many event planners and #eventprofs incorporate live polling at their events – including Pepsi, Marriott and more ­– and we want to help your event next! (Learn more here.)


Whether it’s engaging your attendees through gamification, live polling or social walls – or you want to create stronger selling points for your events sponsors and vendors – MeetingPlay can help you do it all.


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