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6 Productivity Hacks for #EventProfs

Blair Pettrey

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There's no denying the importance of your time as an event professional - and every minute lost is a dollar lost. That's why we at MeetingPlay have shared some 6 of the biggest productivity hacks for event professionals - giving you back every precious minute of time - from us to you!

1.) Do One Task at a Time!

You’ve heard of multitasking, but have you heard of solo-tasking? Instead of trying to accomplish multiple things at once, put your full energy and focus on performing one task at a time. Research shows that solo-tasking can not only result in better task performance and outcomes, it can also help you get more done! (And bonus, it can even make you happier!)

 2.) Plan Ahead

Odds are, as an event professional, you’ve got a yearly calendar in your office, showing all of your events for the year. But do you have an individual calendar for every single event? Having an annual calendar for each of your events – with what exactly needs to be done, by what date, helps keep you on track. An easy (and frugal) way to do this? Utilize Google calendar – set up each event to be a particular color- and set up every single task that you need to do for each event, by when with reminders and alerts (which can also be set up in Google calendar!)

 3.)Turn off the distractions

We don’t’ realize how easily distracted we are – until it’s too late. Whether it’s the constant alerts buzzing through on your phone, the email notifications showing up on your monitor. Or the most recent news update roaring through your television. Turn off the distractions and focus on the task (that solo task!) at hand. You will be far more productive – and accomplish more by being able to give your full attention.

4.) Manage Your Time

If you know you only have 30 minutes to type up your next proposal, or only 15 minutes to send out an email, commit to that amount of time and get the task done.  An enormous “pressure” is to know if your laptop only has 30 minutes of battery left, it’s a perfect time to pump out that 30-minute task

5.) Install Chrome Extensions

If you know that you’re easily distracted with growing vegetables on Farmville, or by reading your favorite fashionista dog page on Facebook – Google Chrome (and Firefox) have multiple extensions you can install to limit the amount of time you can spend on pages you pre-define. Our favorite? StayFocused (for Google Chrome).

6.) Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

Whether you choose Upwork or Elance or Fiverr multiple websites have professionals who can accomplish the tasks of what you are needing – whether it’s creating a video, writing a blog post, or providing a report – these internet guru professionals can do it all.  Just make sure you are hiring someone whose first language is yours. (Even though your primary language may cost a bit more – the assurance of knowing someone says (for example) “ the First search is by 2017” vs. “Will rank number one in 2017” is worth the cost difference alone à and all while still saving you valuable time, at the fraction of the cost of your worth.)

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