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6 Answers for #EventProfs About Our Event App!

Blair Pettrey

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We at MeetingPlay agree 300% that event technology can either be a ‘wow’ factor – or a mere headache to your event’s attendees. Our goal at MeetingPlay is of course to wow event and conference attendee, as well as event professionals and conference planners. We aim to be a leader in our industry – and our results and level of delight from our event app adoption rates and continuous client usage – help support why we continuously are known as the best event app.

Recently, the “Event Manager Blog” posted a blog tiled: ‘6 Questions to Challenge Your Event Tech Supplier’.

Event Manager Blog asked - MeetingPlay answered for those who may be curious to learn more about the MeetingPlay event app.

How Long Have You Worked with This Industry?

Combined among our employees, MeetingPlay has over 50+ years of experience in the events industry. Our CEO worked within the event and hospitality industry for 15 years before realizing the need for an amazing event app, first hand.  From account managers, to CTO’s, event planners, travel directors and in everything in between – our multitude of years of experience in the events industry provide a unique opportunity for event planners and event professionals. We have been where you are, and we know how to help best help event professionals because of our industry experience.

Tell Me a Little Bit About How You Work and What Our Relationship Will Look Like After We Sign on the Dotted line.

Our goal at MeetingPlay is to provide the most engaging and custom event app. While your initial call may be with our CEO to learn more about our company, our experience and to learn more about your event and your event goals – you will then be matched with one of our account managers. Our account managers are your go to person, no matter what time of the day your event takes place, they are assigned to help smooth the creation of the event app process, as well as provide support during the event and after your event.

We never pass people on a long traveling circle, nor do we check out. Our event app helps provide the best opportunity, in the best way , that event planners desire to get from their event’s app.

Ask about Possible “Interactions”

This is a great question to ask. Do you have an event CRM or event registration tool that you will want to sync with your app, or will you be wanting to use the MeetingPlay app platform for these tools. The MeetingPlay app can be integrated and customized to work with any outside tools, as well as having our own tools in house – it’s merely a matter of knowing what the event planner is currently working with and what the goals of the event app are.

What Support Will I Have During the Conference? 

Whether you are looking for on-site support and require one of our travel directors attend your event to help set up your events social wall, or your registration kiosks – or you are more worried about making sure you have access to support during the event in case something happens with your app or have any specific questions – MeetingPlay can meet you there! We have travel directors that travel all over the world (See: 12,000 Miles Won't Stop Us - MeetingPlay Travels to the Edge of the World (and back) For Clients!)

What Client Partnership Are You Most Proud of and Why?

The great thing about each of our events, is that we help our clients take away success and drive event engagement. Our event app’s adoption rates are some of the highest in the industry, our registration exponentially helps smooth and quicken the once tedious and daunting tasks, and our team is truly all about helping every single client we have. For every single event that we have helped integrate our mobile event app platform with – we have walked away with a trusted, and delighted relationship with an event professional and often times several of the events attendees.

How Will I Measure Success?

The MeetingPlay event app platform has strategic analytical reporting for the event host or event planner. In addition to providing real time reporting for event professionals to understand and review during an event (to help with judging event engagement from your attendees, if your iBeacon sponsor booths are being utilized, etc.) we also provide custom and analytical reporting after your event that as an event planner you can read, or can review with your account manager should you have any questions.

In Conclusion

 Regardless if you have planned an event a dozen times or two times – every event is going to be different. But the goal should always be to be choosing opportunities (including in event technology) that you feel good about, and help provide event engagement and results for your goals. We at MeetingPlay pride ourselves on every aspect of our event app platform – before, during, and after your event. We’re here to help make sure your event is successful and engaging for all!