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5 Reasons Your Sponsors Love Mobile Event Apps


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What makes your event successful? Impressing your attendees is a big piece of the puzzle. But to see a return on your event planning investment, you need to attract interested sponsors, and plenty of them.

Sponsors need to see a return on their investment, as well. To achieve value, they need to interact with as many of your attendees as possible and generate leads that could drive increased sales.

Incorporating mobile event apps into your planning helps your business partners reach their goals while you create a one-of-a-kind event.

Here are five reasons your sponsors love it when you use custom event apps in your planning:

1. Event Apps Can Drive Traffic to Sponsors – Your sponsors and vendors want your attendees to find them, and more importantly, interact with them. Custom event apps can help your vendors achieve these goals. Information delivered to attendees and interactive maps help your attendees find your vendors in less time. And the benefits to your vendors don’t stop there. Event gamification is one of the most popular event app features MeetingPlay offers. Using gamification in the app, you can design activities that allow attendees to earn points for visiting vendors. Users can also earn bonus points for answering questions about the vendor’s products or services.

2. Vendors Can Provide Digital Information to Attendees – Your event sponsors and vendors want to provide value and information to your attendees so they can generate sales. To do this, they need to educate your guests on the value of their products and services. MeetingPlay mobile event apps allow your users to download vendor and sponsor content before, during, and after your event. Event planners can also include bios and external links in the sponsor and exhibitor profiles, providing users with instant access to information through the app. Your attendees can collect tons of information without the hassle of dealing with paper handouts or flyers.

3. Sponsors and Vendors Benefit When Your Event Is a Hit – Mobile event apps add excitement, engagement, and value to your event. When attendees rave about how much fun they had, the popularity of your event increases. Vendors and sponsors want to access as much traffic as possible. The more people you have attending your event, the happier your business partners are.

Bonus: When you create an amazing attendee experience, vendors and sponsors are willing to pay more to be part of your event. Not only do you keep your vendors and sponsors happy, you increase your ROI and grow your business.

4. Vendors and Sponsors Can Quickly Gather and Follow Up on User Information - Mobile event apps allow attendees and vendors to exchange information seamlessly using QR codes and user profiles. No more writing down information or filling out forms. Just scan a code and your attendees can digitally connect with your vendors and sponsors. Digital scanning also eliminates errors and the need to manually upload contact lists. Your vendors and sponsors can contact potential leads in less time and with greater efficiency using the data collected from your event app.

5. Event Apps Allow Vendors and Sponsors to Gather Feedback – Attendee feedback can provide insight into what’s working at your event. Using gamification and Audience Response Engagement Systems, you can collect real-time information on your attendees’ opinions. If you share this data with your vendors and sponsors, they can understand the value of their event promotions and improve it to create more leads. Who wouldn’t want access to that type of marketing feedback?

Everyone benefits when you choose mobile apps to enhance your event. You can create value for your vendors and sponsors, excite your attendees, and improve your event planning.

Are you ready to create an event that will captivate sponsors and vendors? Contact us today to learn more about the value our event apps can bring to your planning.

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