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5 Benefits of Pre-Registration for Events

Blair Pettrey

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Every event professional has experienced it - whether as an attendee or as a part of the conference or event team. Everything before the event seems to be running smoothly - all affairs are in order  There's backup for backups, and extra of extras - this conference is bound to be a massive success.

The day of the event comes. Ample staff has been hired, and directions are recited and memorized. 

The guests begin to arrive.

Suddenly 'ample staff' actually means far too few staff. Payment machines are bombarded and can't handle the upkeep. Lines are getting longer and longer; conference attendees are getting more and more agitated. 

If only your event had invested in pre-conference registration.

Advanced event registration (aka pre-conference registration) benefits events and conferences of all sizes in 5 main ways: