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In-person solutions
Badge printing

Reinvent the
arrival experience
with event badge printing

Create an automated, touch-free arrival experience at your next event or conference with self-check-in kiosks. Attendees can edit badges, adjust sessions, and print badges on the fly.

Event badge printing self check in kioskEvent badge printing self check in kiosk

Make it fast

Expedited event check-in

Speed up arrival and event check-in with fast-pass technology to reduce wait times and excess lines.

Event badge printing fast pass check inEvent badge printing fast pass check in

Make it simple

Happier event attendees

Attendees scan their unique QR code from their mobile app to their registration data.

Reinvent the event arrival experience

Improve the check-in experience with event badge printing. Get started by booking a demo now. Enter your email address and speak with a member of the MeetingPlay team.