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Harness the potential of your event data with virtual & hybrid event analytics

Virtual and hybrid events produce more data than ever before. Capture and unlock insights from your event’s data with our reporting and analytics solutions to improve attendee experience and demonstrate impact.

Power awesome experiences across all your events with data

Your end-to-end analytics tool to build and execute live, virtual, and hybrid events.

Access real-time reporting

Get instant event feed-back and make adjustments when they count with real-time reporting.

Increase survey completion

Event follow-up is critical. Incentivize your audience to complete surveys with gamification to prompt reviews, feedback, and ratings.

Make insightful decisions

Integrate event data into your sales and marketing ecosystems to make smarter, informed decisions.

Capture virtually everything

Collect valuable data for a deeper understanding of your audience. Map the attendee journey through multiple data touchpoints to create a true picture of your event’s ROI.

  • Detailed audience demographics
  • Session attendance and engagement
  • Exhibitor traffic
  • Lead acquisition
  • Polling and survey results
  • Networking responses
  • Social buzz
  • Sponsor views and activity

From data to insights

You don’t have to be a BI data analyst to harness the power of data. With an ocean of insights to reveal, we’ll help you collect, measure and confidently report your event’s value to stakeholders.

Ready to harness the power of your event data?

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