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What is Event Engagement?

En·gage·ment verb ‘to get and keep (someone’s attention, interest, etc.)'


What is Event Engagement - And Why is it Important?

Engagement is important for your event for many reasons – whether it’s building commitment and trust from your attendees in your brand, having attendees feel part of something bigger, generating true excitement and more.  Most importantly however, event engagement is about bringing value to your attendees. 

In the age of technology and click of a mouse information – events are no longer merely something event attendees come to for information. 

No longer a speaker-listener experience, events have come a long way from what they used to be. And engagement at your event should be no exception. 

Event engagement is what drives your event. It is what motivates and encourages attendees before the event, it is what attendees interested throughout your event, and it is what delights attendees after your event. 

MeetingPlay’s mobile event app helps you create and nurture this engagement through one single app. 

MeetingPlay’s mobile app’s helps you engage your event attendees through every stage of your event – from ticket purchase and event registration to during the event to post-event engagement.

 Just a few of the ways MeetingPlay’s mobile event app platform helps generate event attendee engagement include:

  •  Speaker Profiles and Bios – by offering speaker profiles and bio on your event app, you are allowing attendees a chance to get to know the speaker before even hearing them speak. They can learn more about the speaker, view past videos and talks the speaker may have done, and begin to feel a connection to the speaker – thus creating excitement to hear the speaker at your event.

  •  Conversation Modules & Attendee Filters Conversation modules and attendee filters allow your attendees to ask questions, join in conversations, and find potential attendees that may be of interest to them, even prior to your event.

  • Personalization Engine & Algorithm – Continuing the conversation, MeetingPlay’s new personalization engine allows attendees to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ content that is shared on your event app. This allows not only easy access for attendees to find relevant information when using your mobile event app in the future – but it also allows a custom experience to take place – using MeetingPlay’s proprietary algorithm. Because of this custom and personalized mobile experience – users are less likely to experience app fatigue, and more likely to continue to engage with your app, prior, during and after your event or conference.

  • Live Polling and Audience Response System - At your event, MeetingPlay’s live polling (ARS) helps build engagement by allowing attendees to share responses in real time across speaker presentations.

 There are many ways MeetingPlay’s mobile event app platform can help you generate and build engagement around your event – but at the end of the day, what value you bring to your attendees – what level of attendee engagement you have at your event – in return gives you the ROI and event success you desire.

 At your next event, make sure you remember the importance of event engagement!

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