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Mobile Event Apps that Solve Your Event Engagement Needs

MeetingPlay’s custom mobile event app platform helps event planners engage with their attendees, enhance networking and socialization, manage live polling, receive real time reporting and more. Perfect for every conference, our mobile app provides solutions for every need.

How can I Increase Networking Among Attendees?

How Can I Keep Event Attendees Engaged?

How can I Distribute the Information Attendees Need?


Conversation Walls, QR Scans, Rich Profiles, and More

MeetingPlay is built around engagement. From conversation walls, peer to peer networking, custom profiles and more.

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Gamification, Live Polls, Leaderboards and More

Interaction is key for networking - and we have you covered! Live polls, gamification, and more!

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Detailed Agendas, Downloads, Custom Info Pages and More

Share the information your attendees want and need, all in one place. Agendas, information, and more all in one app.

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Here are just a few of our standard mobile event app features:

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Engaging Mobile Apps for Events are Just the Tip of the Iceberg!

Preconference Registration

Our registration allows you to gather all of your attendee’s information and even process payments. We pull in your event logo and theme so the registration is unique to your meeting or conference. With our easy to navigate system, the user can quickly proceed through the site to provide all the information you are looking for.

Our registration sites can be basic or as intricate as needed with different meeting tracks, pricing, and coupons. Meeting Play can provide customization to meet your specific requirements.

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Postconference Summaries

Wondering how effective the app was? Get a complete analysis of user interaction from your event. We keep a digital record of everything that happens allowing you to turn all the event interactions into insight.

What will make your event stand out? With a plethora of innovative event technology options and professional account managers giving proactive advice, we will make sure you have exactly what your event needs to provide the WOW factor to your attendees.

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