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The most engaging mobile event app, is now the most personalized mobile event app.


The Next Generation of Event Apps

MeetingPlay's Gen3 gives event attendees the experience and app content they crave.

Gen3 is the personalized experience event and conference attendees crave while providing meeting planners the most robust, data driven engagement experiences for their attendees, all within the palms of all user’s hands. MeetingPla's Generation 3 is filling a need that meeting planners didn't know was needed, yet event attendees are now expecting.


Advanced Features

Custom Experience

No matter the size of your event – the number of attendees, visitors, speakers and more, MeetingPlay’s 3rd generation roll out will provide the most hands on, custom experience for any mobile event app user.

Sponsor, Vendor & Speaker Delight

Provide an ample opportunity for sponsors, vendors and speakers to stand out through unique sponsored content, that is only shown to event attendees most relevant to specifically targeted audiences and goals


Right Content, Right Now

Event app users will experience the most relevant and desired content based on a few simple interactions within the mobile event app. MeetingPlay’s 3rd generation roll out builds each upon user experience in a more complex and specific way, with each use.

Advanced, Real Time Reporting

Event and meeting planners experience a revolutionary way to what ‘real time reporting’ is – from data, customization within the app options, and specific attendee reach out.


Discover Features


Activity Feeds

In-app content based on cross-device user profiles, affinity, real-time behavior, consumption of content, and more.



Increase marketing, sponsorship opportunities, and revenue through customized user in-app recommendations.


Experience Driven

Close Omni-channel gap’s by delivering personalized mobile event app experiences



Like no other event app networking – connect the right attendees with the right opportunities.


List Based
Push Notifications

Specific and targeted push based notifications to encourage event app adoption. Increase engagement and encourage latent app users.


Cross Device
List Segmentation

Behavioral insights to target appropriate attendee list segments, and tailor highly relevant experiences across web, mobile web, and mobile apps


Meeting Scheduling

Attendees can build meetings within their matchmaking connections. Request meetings, book tables, meeting rooms and more.


Other Features

Decrease attrition while increasing retention, event app engagement, and session length at critical touchpoints and exit screens.

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Learn more about personalized, mobile event apps

MeetingPlay works with event and meeting planners - before, during, and after the event.

Dedicated account managers ensure that events running smoothly - and the mobile event app matches the goals and desires of meeting and event planners. Account managers work with planners before the event to ensure mobile event app success, during the event to future support event execution and live event engagement, and after the event helping to retrieve attendee reporting, surveys, and feedback.