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Virtual solutions
MeetingPlay Virtual

Host virtual events your audience will rave about

MeetingPlay’s virtual event platform elevates your audience experience and puts your virtual attendees in the front row.

MeetingPlay's virtual event platform features at a glance

Custom dashboard for easy event management
User-friendly, intuitive branded interface available in 2D or 3D
Live engagement tools to capture and keep your audience’s attention
Flexible content delivery options
Intelligent virtual networking and AI-powered matchmaking
Live exhibit hall for virtual sponsor and exhibitor booths
Unlimited audience sizes
Secure login from simple sign-on, to SSO via SAML 2.0
Integrates with hundreds of 3rd-party platforms and APIs

A Virtual Event Platform That Will Awe Your Audience

MeetingPlay offers a full suite of solutions, from event design, audience engagement, content production, sponsor solutions, and much more. Whatever you're envisioning for your function, our attendee engagement solutions empower you to create an event everyone will remember.

Make attendees feel like they're in the room with the presenter, no matter where they're joining from online. The MeetingPlay virtual event platform will amaze your audience with a user-friendly experience centered on engaging and delighting attendees.

Virtual event management


Leverage the power of a complete event management platform that allows you to design, plan, and execute seamless virtual experiences. From start to finish, the virtual event software equips you to develop your gathering seamlessly and create a result attendees from everywhere will love.

Empower your planning with an intuitive virtual event platform that offers everything you need and allows for full customization.

Attendee Engagement Solutions

Delight your attendees while delivering exceptional virtual or hybrid events. Utilize the platform to gather valuable data from participants about interests while transforming their experiences in real time.

As you engage your audience and learn more about the attendees, you're also helping them feel more present and excited. It's a win-win for everyone. Some of the features we offer include:

Virtual audience engagement


  • Live chat
  • Live questions & answers
  • Live surveys & polling
  • Real-time translation
  • Push notifications
  • 2D or 3D branded environment
  • Swag store

Professional video production for virtual events

Content production & delivery

Live stream

Build the ultimate excitement for opening sessions and keynotes with MeetingPlay’s live streaming format, for audiences of any size.


Create lively, on-demand sessions with live chat, polling, and more, all without the need for a live presenter.

Simu-live sessions

Get the benefits of a live and pre-recorded session all in one. Schedule pre-recorded presentations and interact with your audience live as the content plays.


Host breakouts, roundtables and training sessions with enhanced screensharing, collaboration, and other exciting attendee engagement tools.

Virtual networking

Making meaningful connections

AI-powered matchmaking

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your interests and access content curated just to your tastes.


Simu-live sessions

Pre-record your content and broadcast at your preferred time, encouraging interaction between your presenters and their live audience.


One-on-one video calling

Seamlessly connect with event attendees through one-on-one conferencing to start or continue individual networking.


Social networking

Connect with event attendees through community-rich features like the Social Wall and Photobooth.


Networking rooms

Choose your topic of interest and join groups of like-minded individuals around popular conversations.


Live virtual exhibit hall

Drive quality leads for your exhibitors

Customized company information
Representative profiles
Live demos & office hours
Scheduled 1-on-1 appointments
Provide promotions & special offers
Upload videos or commercials

Monetize your event

Showcase sponsors

  • Banners
  • Pre-roll and video interstitials
  • Session sponsorship
  • Sponsor level listings
  • Branded sponsor page

Virtual event login and security

Secure login

Make your virtual event seamless and easy for everyone involved. Keep it secure with our simple to complex login systems.

Simple sign-on

Email and password

Complex security

Integrate SSO via SAML 2.0

Why MeetingPlay

Using MeetingPlay’s virtual event software offers powerful advantages for your organization, allowing you to engage your attendees in new ways, regardless of how they're joining the event. At MeetingPlay, we offer innovative technological solutions to help create environments that bring your virtual event to life. Our information-rich solutions are infused with innovation and passion, helping you design a dynamic atmosphere for audience members to engage, learn, and connect from anywhere.

Whatever you're planning, MeetingPlay offers cutting-edge technology while delivering expert event support. For more information on our solutions, read our case studies or reach out to us today.

Platform integrations

Connect our virtual event platform with over 100 registration providers, content management, streaming and A/V platforms.

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