Simplifying Event Tech Selection - For Agency Partners

As an event agency, your goal is to make the event process seamless for your clients. Our updated guide made with you in mind walks you through finding the right event management software solution to meet your clients' unique goals.

What's inside? 

  • 17 questions to help you filter out platforms that aren’t up to the task for your client's unique goals
  • Key considerations to find a solution that gives your client exactly what they need 
  • Critical tech features to keep in mind for for success with every event type 

Find bespoke event technology to harness results for your client events

Planning for your clients, effieciently

Great software boosts planning efficiency and improves return on investment. As an agency partner, you're entrusted to help your clients find the tech they need to streamline events for their attendees, deliver more engaging experiences, and maximize return on investment.

Despite all the options, finding the right platform for your client's goals doesn’t need to be complicated. You don’t have to understand every tool out there.

Access a full suite of event tech solutions to finding the right event tech to fit your client's unique live, virtual, and hybrid event goals.

Simplify sourcing your clients' event tech needs with these key considerations:

What is your client's event tech budget and what are their unique goals?

What is your client's attendee profile, and how do the available tech formats benefit or hinder their attendee journey? 

What is your client's expected return on investment for hybrid, live, or virtual?

Will your client be preparing for onsite, hybrid, or virtual, and what budget concerns do they have if they need to pivot?

What is event complexity for event tech and are there standard features available on all event platforms?

How can you create a bespoke event experience with an attendee comfort-first mentality for your client?

Ready to find the event tech solution
for your event partner?