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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Event Attendee Engagement

Engage attendees at every stage of your event

Ultimate Guide to Improving Event Engagement

Successful events allow attendees to learn something new, connect with peers, make new connections, and hear inspirational speakers. They may also give attendees the opportunity to see a new city and take advantage of all that city has to offer.

With so much happening before and at the event, attendees trying to do it all risk becoming distracted or fatigued.

With event engagement so paramount to an event's success, how do meeting planners stay ahead?

Our guide will map out steps you can take to ensure engagement at all stages:

Before the event: from the moment the event is formally announced, communication with potential attendees is key.

During the event: we know that engagement is strongest on the first day of an event, and then wanes as attendees start thinking about the office and see their email piling up.

After the event: the time immediately following an event is critical, as attendees are still on a post-event high. It's important to capitalize on this momentum.

We'll share tips and examples around how to be successful when:

  Leveraging social media and hashtag best practices

 Incorporating event gamification

 Facilitating attendee networking

 Utilizing Audience Response Systems

 Analyzing event data

 Sharing content captured during your event

Meeting planners know that attendee engagement is paramount to the success of any event. 

It is what motivates attendees before the event, it’s what keeps attendees interested throughout your event, and it’s what continues the momentum after your event.

Engaged attendees will connect with other attendees, to your sponsors and to your content - overall event engagement generates true excitement and brings value to your attendees

Meeting planners are looking beyond just attendance numbers as they measure the success of their events. It has become increasingly important to provide meaningful experiences for attendees throughout the event journey.

Download this free 11-page guide to see how you can fully engage your attendees and deliver a successful event.


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