MeetingPlay + Aventri unveil new product: ExpoPRO. Your new best friend in exhibitor management. Learn More.

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May 11th, 12th, 17th, 19th
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About the event

Join Brianna Callahan, Head of Sales Enablement, and Morgan Leary, Training Manager as they deep dive into MPAV's newest product: ExpoPRO.

  • Learn how to centralize and automate exhibitor management so you can dedicate your time to reaching your event goals, not chasing overdue items.

  • Discover how ExpoPRO makes large-scale exhibition planning easy and collaborative.


Feb 24, 1-2 PM EST
Lauren Pirri Meredith Shottes
Setting hybrid goals and building event timelines
Lauren Pirri & Meredith Shottes
March 3, 1-2 PM EST
Brianna Callahan
Seamlessly transition to a hybrid event
Brianna Callahan
March 10, 1-2 PM EST
Amanda Dennis Debbie Seabloom
Reskilling the events' workforce
Amanda Dennis & Debbie Seabloom
March 17, 1-2 PM EST
Jennifer Kellogg Brenda Brody
Choosing the right partners for your hybrid events
Jennifer Kellogg & Brenda Brody
March 24, 1-2 PM EST
Brandee Plott Meg Fasy
Market your hybrid event & build sponsorships
Brandee Plott & Meg Fasy
March 31, 1-2 PM EST
Joe Schwinger Jen Aman
Top hybrid lessons from the experts
Joe Schwinger, Eric Lochner, Chad Blaise, Jen Aman


Lauren Pirri
Morgan Leary
Training Manager, MeetingPlay + Aventri

Morgan Leary joined the MeetingPlay Operations team in 2020 as an Account Manager. She quickly transitioned into the Training Manager role where she supports both the operations and sales team, focusing on ensuring the teams are equipped with knowledge on all MeetingPlay’s products. Morgan started her career in event management early on by graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in hospitality, focusing on event management. From there, she has had 6 years in the event industry. In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, spending time at the beach and tending to her plants.

Brianna Callahan
Brianna Callahan
Sales Support Manager, MeetingPlay + Aventri

Brianna [Callahan] Linker joined the MeetingPlay Operations team in 2020 and eventually transitioned into a sales role. She was promoted to Senior Sales Support Manager in 2022. In her current role, she directs sales enablement initiatives, supports high profile projects and leads team training on product and sales process. Brianna started her career in the event industry during her senior year of college at Towson University in a position managing high profile fundraisers for a fine arts studio. Since then, she's gathered event and marketing experience in a variety of industries including Wine & Spirits, Health & Fitness, and Government. Brianna currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband (Dennis). They enjoy traveling, visiting breweries, and relaxing with their dog, Dirk.