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What if your event app could answer questions before attendees have a chance to ask? For example, once they check into the conference, they're going to want the internet password. When they leave a session, they're going to look for the location of the next session.

SmartFeed understands and anticipates those tendencies, offering information when and where attendees need it. And thanks to machine learning functionality, SmartFeed takes things a step further by learning people's preferences and habits to create a truly personalized experience each time they visit their feed.

Photos That Tell Stories and Promote Offerings

Social media has proven the power that photos have, and the carry-over to conferences is clear. Hundreds of photos are uploaded each day at conferences. Attendees and sponsors can now take advantage of the new photo collection feature to upload multiple photos in a single post. The result is a powerful tool for both audiences.

Attendees can tell stories about their experiences during special moments at the event.
Sponsors and exhibitors can promote offerings like new product lines and services.

Be in Total Control

SmartFeed is more than an event engagement feature. As a meeting planner, it lets you influence what attendees see. Enhanced administrator functionality allows you to customize SmartFeed content based on your specific conference goals

Have a goal to collect more speaker or session data? You can prompt attendees to rate sessions right after they're done. With SmartFeed, you can take control of people's feeds as well as your business goals.

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