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Experiential enhancements
RFID technology

Upgrade your on-site event experience with RFID bracelets

Improve your business, gather valuable event insights, and provide an elevated user experience for your attendees with RFID event solutions.

For event planners

Increase onsite spend

Convenient tap-to-pay options increase spend by up to 30%.

Fraud prevention

Unique user profiles help prevent fraud and event pass reproduction.

Controlled access

Limit access to VIP functions and restricted areas.

Traffic pattern analysis

Gather valuable insights on popular features, bottlenecks, security issues, and venue layouts.

For attendees

Less time waiting in lines

Reduce the biggest frustration for 60% of event attendees.

Cashless payment

Simple tap-to-pay options, for fast, cashless payments at your event.

Social integration

Onsite photo tagging, social media integrations and more.

Upgrade your on-site experience with RFID event solutions

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