How MeetingPlay Takes Event App Customization to the Next Level

How MeetingPlay takes a consultative approach customize your event app.

People often ask us about customization

Sometimes this question refers to the look and feel of the app, but it’s most often about which app features can be customized. With the MeetingPlay mobile event app, the truth is that all of our features can be customized, but they don’t all need to be – it really depends on what type of meeting you are hosting and what you want to accomplish through the app.

Usually when we receive an RFP, it includes a laundry list of required features. While this is a good starting point, what we often find is that this list of requirements changes following a discussion with our team. This is because at MeetingPlay, we take a consultative approach when working with clients, first gaining a clear understanding of the goals of the event, and then suggesting the right features and customization options that will work for that event.

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