Make the Most of Your Event App

Dedicated event apps might have seemed like science fiction as recently as a few years ago, but they have rapidly evolved into an indispensable part of the attendee experience.

From polling to gamification, augmented reality to interactive maps, mobile event apps are not only changing live experiences, they have become a critical tool for attendee engagement.


But if you are using a mobile event app, how do you know you are using it effectively? And how do you know what features make the most sense to incorporate? Having an event app just to have one won't help you find success. They need to be purpose driven and tied back to your meeting goals.

For a deeper insight into event apps, MeetingPlay and BizBash recently surveyed a wide cross-section of planners to uncover how event organizers of all stripes make the most of these tools.

This study looks at which features meeting planners use most often, how they encourage app download and engagement, and how they measure event technology ROI. The results of this study offer valuable insights into how savvy users make the most of their event app investments and suggest a road map to others to follow.

Specifically, you can read about:

  • Who are the most app-savvy planners and how they differ from the rest
  • How they prioritize tech spend and how that reflects the value they place on mobile apps
  • Key features that drive app engagement both before and during an event
  • App download challenges and strategies to combat those challenges
  • How to use your mobile event app to get valuable data and demonstrate event tech ROI
  • The results of this survey illustrate how you can give your events an edge in an increasingly digitally-driven space.

Download the all-new whitepaper, Tech Savvy Planner Secrets: How to Make the Most of Your Event App and find out if you're really making the most of your event app.