Indoor Wayfinding App by MeetingPlay

AppAtlas: Indoor Wayfinding Powered by MeetingPlay

MeetingPlay has developed, built and executed the leading indoor mapping, indoor wayfinding, and indoor navigation app for indoor venues, called AppAtlas.

AppAtlas provides indoor wayfinding and indoor mapping solutions for venues across multiple verticles including hospitality, entertainment, business, and education.

Solutions include:

  • Turn by Turn Navigation - Precise pinpoint, turn by turn directions and navigation available to guests on any smart device.
  • Reporting - Easy to peruse, real-time reporting including app adoption, usage, problems, and alerts.
  • Proximity Marketing - Delight guests, increase ROI and offer the opportunity for in-house airport vendors through geo-navigation marketing, alerts, and push notifications.
  • Custom Built App - A custom built and dedicated indoor wayfinding app for airports, exclusive to your location. Whitelabeled and available for download from the iTunes and GooglePlay stores, as well as HTML5, available for any enabled tablet, phone, or app supporting device.
  • Account Manager, Installation Technician, Product Engineer - All devoted to the onsite installment, training, and maintenance of onsite technology and hardware, as well as offsite software maintenance and development.

Learn more about AppAtlas and how indoor wayfinding and indoor navigation can revolutinoize your venue by visiting or contacting us at MeetingPlay.

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