Keeping Events Safe And Secure

The need for increased security has never been more relevant than it is now. It doesn't matter what kind of event you are planning - people are always searching for a certain level of comfort and peace of mind.

44% of meeting planners have said that security is their main concern, and 54% of those surveyed feel like security has to be increased at live events. (source: SpinGo)

Events are great for learning and networking - but safety has to remain a priority at all times to allow other goals to be met. EventProtector gives meeting planners tools to keep their events safe.

Event Protect


Safety and security comes first.

With EventProtector, you can alert your attendees of an emergency in real-time. App Lock mode allows you as the administrator to get the message out and freeze all other event app functionality until the emergency has been lifted - all with an intuitive user interface.

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In the event of an emergency, you can stay connected with your attendees with real-time dialogue. You can push live updates, and attendees can chat with you, keeping all parties informed of the scenario.

Perhaps most importantly, EventProtector allows attendees to mark themselves as “safe” during an emergency, which in turn allows planners to effectively account for people and gather data on where to focus their reactive efforts.

It's not just about protecting your event, it's about PROTECTING PEOPLE.

Mark yourself as safe
Report suspicious activity of any kind
Receive live updates
Communicate with administrators in real-time
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Event Protect Safety
Event Protect Alerts


In addition to allowing attendees to mark themselves as safe in real time, EventProtector also encourages attendees to report suspicious activity with the See Something, Say Something feature. EventProtector is just as much about proactive security as it is responding to an emergency.

Allow your attendees to champion security by introducing them to EventProtector.

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