A success story in virtual event engagement

Learn how leveling-up content and engagement made the Databricks Data + AI Summit one of the most successful events of 2021.

What this success story includes:

  • Groundbreaking virtual platform features that improved event attendance and engagement.
  • A look into custom platform builds like Playlists, Hallway Chatter, and Dev Hub.
  • How Databricks & MeetingPlay brought specialized content to 60,000 international attendees over 200+ sessions.

You'll learn...

How virtual engagement can transform the attendee experience

Focusing on content and the attendee experience, Data + AI Summit 2021 (formerly known as the Spark + AI Summit) brought data professionals from around the globe together for a virtual event made by data professionals for data professionals.  

Beginning with hands-on training led by industry professionals and evolving into 200+ sessions of live and on-demand content, some available every hour of the day, the event was truly one for the data community.  

By working with MeetingPlay’s developers and account managers, Databricks and MeetingPlay came together to build a custom UX platform that exceeded expectations, held engagement metrics throughout the event, and led to the Data + AI Summit 2021 to take home multiple industry awards. Find out more about the exceptional platform in this success story. 

Learn how to customize your virtual event engagement