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The Case of Native Apps for Web Apps

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Blair Pettrey Success Story

When it comes to building highly engaging, custom apps for events - there is a common battle between those that matter most - the attendees - but rather the builders of the app, and the event professionals planning the event.

At MeetingPlay however, as providers of event technology - we are often asked why we stopped building web based apps. Yes, they were quicker to turn over, they were less expensive to reproduce, and were capapble of a more 'copy and paste' infrostructure that native mobile event apps simply are not capapble of. And yet we stopped building native apps.

1. Native Apps are Faster

Web apps run in a smartphone’s browser, like Chrome or Safari. Browsers are responsible for executing HTML and JavaScript code to pull off their magic. HTML5 especially has a lot of impressive functionality, but the performance is not there. And speed to busy lawyers is a very important quality for a mobile app.

According to this article analyzing smartphone performance, native apps run 5 times faster than JavaScript code. And different browsers execute JavaScript at different speeds. Different browsers can provide even slower speeds than 5x. Native apps guarentee attendees are experiencing a quick, seemless and interactive event app experience - just like their colleagues and fellow attendees.

2. Web Apps Aren't Always Guarenteed

Should the web go down - wifi, internet acess or even power at your events location, suddenly your attendees are without an event app. MeetingPlay's native apps that are built are customly built and capable of streamlessly working across devices, on and off the cloud.

3. Native Apps Provide a Greater User Experience

From powerful visuals, including photos, videos, and messaging - the same quality that native apps entail, is lossed as web apps are compress sizes of data.

Native apps can be easily added to both the google play store - and removed when the event is over. Web based apps are permantly given a place in history - and drastically increasing the cost of event app security and protection.

4. Integratoin Capabilities in Web are Expensive, Timely & Often Not Possibe

App integration capabilities are limited within web apps. API integrations are built to function between two native apps or two native coding languages - the time and hours associated with building an integration in a web app vs. having an API that is already available - quickly add up.

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Blair Pettrey

About Blair Pettrey

Blair Pettrey is the senior online marketing manager for MeetingPlay - mobile event apps.