How to Build a Thriving Event Community Around Your Brand

Everything you need to know to build a robust community before, during, and after your event.

Experience what your brand can do

Build strategies that optimize brand anticipation, experiences, engagement, and connectivity.

It doesn’t matter if your event is in a physical building, streaming online, or a mix of both –you have plenty of opportunities to effectively reach your community, interact, and nurture those relationships. Our eBook dives into professional strategies that will help you deliver a clear and engaging brand message, no matter where or how your event takes place. 

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Learn the basics

What is an event community?

A community is a group of individuals with similar values and interests. When a community forms around a brand, it taps into people’s fundamental emotional and social needs, creating strong bonds among themselves and the brand they love.

  • Our eBook has everything you need to develop a brand action plan that is richly rewarding by way of customer loyalty, referrals, recommendations, engagement, user-generated content, and more.

Engage attendees before the event

Build anticipation.

The best way to entice is through confidence. If you want to ignite the fire inside your attendees and build an event community, you need to be confident in why your event is happening in the first place. The core purpose of your event will not only echo your brand’s identity but will be the building blocks for your event and your event’s community.

  • Access a full suite of tips and tricks to build your brand and keep your strategic juices flowing during the event.

Build opportunities during the event

Foster a unique experience.

How are attendees going to experience your brand during the event? The type of event you are hosting or participating in may influence the type of experience you choose to provide. Let’s consider live, virtual, and hybrid event experiences that can uniquely reach your audience.

  • Learn how to leverage modern and powerful technology applications for your live, virtual, and hybrid events

Catch their attention, then keep it

Remember, relive, and reconnect.

The event is over, and your hard work has paid off; people loved your event. They’re engaging with you and your speakers on social media, and all that user-generated content is gold for getting a head start on promoting next year’s event. Harness this momentum after your event. Allow your brand’s community to remember event highlights, relive favorite experiences, and reconnect with your brand.

  • Access our favorite tools for effective post-event activities. 

Are you ready to build your brand’s community?