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YouTube Live (And What it Means for Events)

Blair Pettrey

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Welcome to the time of live engagement –  not just instant streaming through social media channels, we mean live streaming through video. First there was Meerkat, then twitter bought in and purchased Periscope which allows live streaming across twitter. Fast forward a year, and you have Facebook announcing live videos for their social media platform.

It was only a matter of time that YouTube joined the club – and on June 24, 2016 – YouTube officially announced its version of mobile live streaming.

What does this all mean for the way we perform, execute, and analyze events? Perhaps a lot.

1. Events Need to Be Focused On Experience

While in the past attended an event was merely focused on learning and developing skills, with the ease of use mobile video recording, instant social media posts, and more what was once a ‘secretive’ event has become purely an experienced based event. What does this mean? Events must learn to have such an interactive, engaging and unique event experience, that attendees want to be on site.

2. Live Streaming Integration Meets Event Engagement Apps

Event apps will most likely, through API integration of various platforms, begin to enable live streaming as a premium feature.This premium feature however, will be one that will have to be inclusive of multiple clauses, awarenesses and understandings - as many event professionals (as well as attendees, sponsors, etc) may not understand the value in attending an event, if fellow attendees or event planners can live stream portions of the event.

3. Event Analytics Will Continue to Become More Robust

With potentially 'one more thing'  to measure - event planners and event professionals alike, will continue to demand and need more robust event engagement analytics and reporting. Long gone are the days of just static reporting  - event planners even prior to YouTube's latest announcement were in need and want of real time reporting - and this will only continue to become more important. With the ever changing and increasing awareness of technology within the events industry, comes the importance of being able to measure the ROI and success from an attendee perspective of every single interaction, contribution and component of live event engagement. 

In Conclusion

MeetingPlay is committed to being the industry leader in engagement. With complete 360 solution for registration, events, apps, and on site venues and locations - YouTube's live announcement is one more way we are committed to looking at the future of what engagement truly means and how we can integrate that within our own apps. 

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