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You Can Have it All -But You Can’t Do it Alone.

Blair Pettrey

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 A highly driven, motivated and intelligent individual assumes they will have a seat at the c-Suite table in any business. However, boundaries and circumstances exist, no matter who you are. Yet, despite those potential hurdles or limitations, having two master’s degrees, knowledge and savvy that could set you far apart from any other warm chair at that table, you still have to face a dilemma, if you’re a woman that is, - a table of men.

 Pew Research shows that women are 4x more likely to have a degree than their counterpart males, and 7x more likely to have an advanced degree. And even despite the education, drive or experience, every day women are faced with the hurdle of overcoming that c-suite table of men.

 Lisa Vann did it.

 Lisa Vann, owner of MeetingPlay, a technology based mobile app that helps generate success and engagement for conference and events, knew she wanted a seat at that table, and was committed to it. She knew however, there were many barriers that she had to overcome, to prove herself, despite her knowledge, education or experience. And today, just as she did back at that large company, as a female owner in one of the most highly predominate male lead industries – Lisa has continued to set herself apart.

 Sitting with Lisa, as a friend, you wouldn’t know that she has overcome every hurdle to become the number one event engagement mobile app business owner. You would be sitting across from a female, petite in stature and demeanor, who would tell you about her two children, both girls, and the latest Halloween parade or class party meeting she attended.

 Humble to the point of even being bashful, Lisa never prides herself on her success. She doesn’t have a genealogy of business owners or high level executives. In fact, only after you begin to peek into Lisa’s life and ask more – would you get beyond this mother of two, and realize that she is in fact a technology industry leader – setting the example of all mobile event and conference apps.

 Sure, what you would expect from Lisa’s 4 & 7-year-old girls are a little bit different than the typical little girls playing with Barbie’s or horses. You’ll walk into her oldest trying to sell you, Shark Tank style, on Barbie’s next business venture. (And of course Lisa, in true (MS) Wonderful style saying “I’m out”). But this is just one of the many testaments to Lisa’s drive to encourage and motivate success – in every avenue – no matter the hurdles, walls, ceilings, or tables you have to overcome, all while refusing to give up her dream to be a mom too.

 Whether you find Lisa at home playing out Shark Tank esque business proposals with her girls, or in the office closing a fortune 500 company on their next event mobile engagement app… Lisa will never deny what has allowed her to reach such success.

And it’s not what you would expect.

 Lisa contributes her success, drive, and ability to scale her tech business – because she had a partner alongside her that thrived on what she didn’t.

 Lisa wanted to be home doing the laundry, she wanted to be the cupcake baker for the class, she never wanted to give up the everyday mom tasks any other amazing mother would be doing.

 In fact, that desire to be home, and part of her daughters lives, doing the laundry, helping clean up, playing and engaging with her girls – is what drove Lisa to the success that she is.

 Lisa never wanted to give up the tasks of motherhood or being a wife – which you won’t hear many female leaders saying. Sure she could have hired a nanny, she could have hired a maid, and she could have hired a chef – but Lisa, no matter how successful, wanted to make sure her daughters knew that she was the mom who did it all – but never failing to include business and opportunity in the mix.

 So maybe you won’t find Lisa at the next SXSW event or the next Marriot conference, but you can guarantee she’s hired and devoted the resources to nothing but the top to help build and drive her business.

 Lisa Vann truly proves that you can have it all, but you can’t do it alone.