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Worley Scavenger Hunt | MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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Worley Catastrophe Response held it’s 15th Annual Worley Claims Expo.  Worley Catastrophe Response is used to dealing with big challenges.  Worley has helped out with every hurricane ever since Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  However, in January 2014, Worley had a challenge of its own.  Worley wanted to do an extensive scavenger hunt all along the Riverside in San Antonio, TX.  Meeting Play partnered up with Worley to overcome this challenge. 

This was “not the typical scavenger hunt” as the first line of the rules stated.  This was a strategic, collaborative, and mind-expanding scavenger hunt.  There were so many ways to earn points, people were told from the start that there was no way they would be able to finish all of the objectives, so pick your strategy wisely.  There were a total of over 20 scavenger hunt objectives and 20 picture challenges for attendees to do.

With the app Meeting Play created for Worley, it allowed attendees to race around Riverside while having everything they needed for the scavenger hunt, all right in the app.  Attendees were able to submit their photos directly into the app.  This was convenient for attendees because the same place where they submit photos was where the description for the photo challenge was.  Allowing them to help keep organized and focus on strategy so they could maximize their scavenger hunt time.  Having the app for the scavenger hunt also simplified judging because all photos were located in one place for review before points were distributed.

All in all, Meeting Play’s scalable app helped organized the massive scavenger hunt to help attendees and organizers to get the most out of the experience.