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Why Every Mobile Event App Needs Interactive Maps

Blair Pettrey

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At MeetingPlay one of the common questions we hear from event professionals is ‘Why does my mobile event app need interactive mapping?’.

From saving trees to truly engaging and delighting event attendees, there are many reasons why every mobile event app needs interactive mapping. Here are are the top four:

1. Large Venues + Multiple Sessions = Chaos

Large Venues + Multiple Sessions = Chaos

If your event venue – whether a conference center, hotel, resort, casino, or the Google campus – is of any substantial size, odds are your event attendees will get lost at some point. Navigating indoors when a venue is 500,000 square feet or larger is not only intimidating; it’s hard. Event attendees are trying to figure out how to get from point A to point B in the mere five minutes between sessions.  Walking from one side of a hotel or conference center to the other side takes at least that much time, and that doesn’t allow for a second to get lost.

Including interactive mapping in your mobile event apps is a multi-dimensional problem solver.

2. Finding ‘That’ Exhibitor

Finding 'That' Exhibitor

If your event or trade show has a lot of exhibitors or vendors, it can seem nearly impossible for event attendees to find who they are looking for.  Interactive maps available within your event's mobile event app remove the hassle of carrying a paper map and the confusion of trying to read a static map. Bonus: Interactive mapping available within mobile event apps also helps increase event app adoption rates!  

3. Extend Event Engagement & Sponsorship

Event Engagement & Sponsorship

Maps are one of the most viewed sections of mobile event apps, so why should they be static? Interactive maps are easy to use and can integrate multimedia features, resulting in a truly unique visualization and indoor navigation of your event.  While traditional PDF upload maps in mobile event apps may allow event attendees to zoom in and out, they are static and fail to engage with the event attendee, or point to other content within the mobile event app.

With interactive maps, you can also offer extensive opportunities for event sponsors and exhibitors.

4. Befriend the Locals

Interactive Maps and Venues

Yet another perk of interactive mapping is the extension of ROI it can provide. Through customization and proximity marketing, in-house vendors and nearby businesses can attract and interact with event attendees. By allowing in-house vendors and businesses to become vested partners with your event and your mobile event app, you build community and engagement both within your event and your event’s app. Highlighting locations and sending targeted messages offers benefits to both the attendee and the business or vendor.


Want to take interactive maps for your events a step further? MeetingPlay’s very own indoor wayfinding and indoor navigation app, AppAtlas, takes indoor mapping to a whole new level (think indoor GPS apps like!).

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