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What Twitter's 280 Character Count Update Means for #EventProfs

Blair Pettrey

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In the world of social media where there seems to be a different platform for every niche audience, Twitter separates itself from competition with one unique factor – 140 character limits.

Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter does not allow users to share content beyond 140 characters.

For event professionals, this has meant adjusting messaging and optimizing their content and engagement with their audiences based on this small amount of text.

However, on September 26, Twitter shocked the world and announced it would begin to roll out tweets that would allow for up to 280 characters – double the previous amount.

What could 280 characters mean for event professionals?

  • Longer messages to share with followers, but potentially less reading and engagement from followers as skimability is diminished with 280 characters.

  • Opportunity to engage with more hashtags i.e. #YourEvent17 #EventProfs #MeetingProfs #Events #EventTech #MeetingPlayisTheBest #OhWait 😊

  • Strategy and content shifts to optimize 280 characters in regard to the world of events and attendees.

Perhaps Twitter will see new growth with the shift to increased character counts – or perhaps Twitter made a huge mistake taking a skimable platform and making it ‘just like the rest’.

Either way, event professionals take note – you’ve got 140 extra characters to use!

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