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What Is Event Gamification | Define Gamification | MeetingPlay

Blair Pettrey

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Odds are those who plan events, and even those who have been to events – know what event gamification is. They have experienced it – taken part in it – and probably love it. But far too common is those that don’t know what it’s defined as or what that ‘bingo game’ or ‘point is taking game’ or other engagement driving ‘game’ is called.Our good friends Merriam-Webster define gamification as:

“the process of adding games or gamelike elements to something (as a task) so as to encourage participation.”

But what does this mean for events? Gamification is not necessarily adding a game to an event – but rather adding game-like components to an event. What does that mean?

When you’re at an event, your mobile event app may encourage you to network and engage with others, vendors, exhibits, locations or even icebreakers to kick off your event.

In exchange for participation – for networking, for visiting a particular location – whether it be a vendor, exhibitor, or sponsors booth – or a variety of other tasks or challenges – you will receive points, you will rank, you will earn.

Earning – the foundation of what we do in games – regardless of the task at hand, whether it’s combating a villain or merely jumping on top of mushrooms – we earn points, we earn trophies, we take away a value of the tasks we have completed successfully. Event Gamification is the points, trophies, awards, or any takeaway you receive from completing a task. (And often, it’s just a form of network engagement, where the takeaway is meeting others who you may have not otherwise met.)

How does MeetingPlay tackle the gamification needs of events through their mobile event apps?

The answer isn’t always simple – because after all, at MeetingPlay we believe in truly custom and engaging event app solutions. Which means what may be engaging for one event, may not work for yours. That is why MeetingPlay is always integrating custom solutions. However, some of the most successful solutions that we have implemented in the past vary across multiple different events and attendee types.

We’ve shared before how fortunate our 2 Truths and 1 Lie event app solution was – an icebreaker for a large corporate event that helped encourage networking as well as drive one of the most event app adoption rates we’ve seen yet to date.

We’ve also shared about how a mobile game app scavenger hunt we built for Worley Catastrophe Response at their 15th Annual Worley Claims Expo helped drive engagement, leverage participation, and encouraged networking.

What else can gamification do for your next event?

1. Vendor Attraction

An excellent way to increase sponsorship is to offer unique gamification opportunities. MeetingPlay’s custom event app solutions can combine our event app with iBeacon technology and track, leverage and build leads for your vendors that your event attendees may not have other engaged or interacted with.

2. App adoption

As we mentioned previously, app adoption is a great perk of event gamification. When you make gamification a central focus of your event app, and your event – you are encouraging your event attendees to download and interact with your event’s app.

3. Make Your Event Go Viral

By leveraging points and rewards through gamification in your game app, you can encourage your event attendees to share their experience through social media, email, and #hashtags. Additionally, you can help boost pre-registration by offering this event gamification opportunity to receive points/rewards before the event by sharing the event with others that may be interested in attending.

In Conclusion

Event gamification may have many different names or titles to event planners – but the reality is, it is an absolute necessity for successful events. MeetingPlay has helped grow the market of event gamification through actually custom solutions, and we are committed to helping continue the success of events, conferences, and meetings through gamification and our mobile event app.

Learn more about how MeetingPlay can help drive engagement, increase revenue and market your next event through gamification and our mobile event app!

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