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What Google Duo Means for #EventProfs

Blair Pettrey

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Skype, defined as “spoken conversation with someone over the internet using a software application, frequently also viewing by webcam.”

In August 2003, Skype trail blazed the world of communication as we knew it, by offering a free web and voice tool for computer users. Requirements? A webcam, a desktop or laptop computer, and high speed internet access. Oh, and of course that handy Skype software.

Fast forward 13 years and the world of video web conferencing has completely been re-invented, ‘one upped’ and ‘revolutionized’ multiple times. With the likes of iPhones facetime, Skype’s app available for Android devices, and the inclusion of live conferencing and streaming within social media tools (I.e. Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook’s Livestream, Youtube live, etc. etc. etc.), the world of events has changed.

Where once videos and photos of events were discoverable only after the event, now speaker presentations, networking and meetings can all take place in real time, right from the palm of an attendee or event professionals hands.

Today, Google announced their latest innovative technology in the ever increasing “Google vs. Apple’ battle – Google Duo. Google Duo –  is “designed to be simple, reliable and fun so you never miss a moment.

What does Google Duo Mean for the Events Industry?


1. Destroying App Loyalist Barriers

Google Duo, unlike Apple’s Facetime which is only available across Apple devices, can be used on any Apple or Android device – thus removing the once barrier of real time, one tap video communication on mobile devices.

What does Google Duo mean for events, conferences, and the event technology industry as we know it? Perhaps more than one might think.

As more and more apps are developed and become popular, less loyalty will be necessary to mobile devices. This trend of destroying device loyalty, means that app developers – including MeetingPlay’s mobile event apps, must be focused on being accessible and operational across any device. (Hint, we are!).

2. Mobile Event App Integration

We’ve shared the importance of event app integration in the past – but to sum it up, API integration makes communication and reporting, as well as social integrations – easy when it comes to mobile event apps.

As Google Duo so easily pointed out with the multi device access, why limit the fun, when everyone can have fun? Whether it’s integrating your mobile event app with your company CRM or allowing social media integration, the end result provides meet a seamless, robust solution without having to manually exchange data or information.

3. Events Still Need to Be Focused on Experience

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – events need to be focused on experience. Events must learn to have such an interactive, engaging and unique event experience, that attendees want to be on site.”

4. Live Event Analytics Will Continue to Become More Robust

With 'one more thing’ to measure - event planners and event professionals alike, will continue to demand and require more robust live event engagement analytics and reporting. Long gone are the days of static reporting event planners need and want real time reporting - and this will only continue to become more important (Hint #2 – MeetingPlay offers real time reporting and analytics in our powerful mobile event app reporting tool.).

With the ever changing and increasing awareness of technology within the events industry, comes the importance of being able to measure the ROI and success from an attendee perspective of every single interaction, contribution and component of live event engagement. 

In Conclusion

MeetingPlay is committed to being the industry leader in live event engagement with our mobile event apps. The announcement of Google Duo is one more way MeetingPlay is committed to looking at the future of what live event engagement truly means and how we can integrate that within our own mobile event apps. 

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