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Visual Content | Ignite the Power of Your Social Walls


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In the past, event planners delivered their content using emails, handouts, flyers, pamphlets, and presentations. But now, more than ever, your audience expects a more user-friendly form of content delivery. Not only does your content need to be digital and eco-friendly, but it also needs to be appealing and easy for your attendees to understand. One of the most appealing aspects of utilizing activity feeds and social media walls for your event is the added opportunity to provide visual content for your audience.

And, nothing delivers content more efficiently than visual images.

Consider the following stats from an infographic created by Social Media Today on the power of visual images:

     -Efficient content visual images90% of the information transmitted to         your brain is visual

     -80% of people remember what they           see

     -92% of all human communication is           non-verbal

     -Viewers process images and video             60,000 times faster than text

     -Visual content represents 74% of all             internet traffic

As an event planner, you can apply these stats to improve your event, engage your attendees, promote your sponsors, and deliver powerful content.

Here are a few reasons why visual content is one of the best ways to get your message across to your attendees:

Visual Content Transcends Language – Visual content has the power to deliver a message without a word. When you have a diverse audience, creating content that easily reaches a broad audience makes your event more enjoyable for everyone in attendance. Use the power of video and images to take the guesswork out of your content.

Visual Content Is Easy to Digest – Images are great at conveying your intended message quickly and efficiently. Your attendees don’t need to take the time to read and interpret blocks of text. Instead, your message can be delivered instantly with video and eye-catching images. When you need to get your content across and cut through the noise, visual content is your best option.

Visual Content Sparks Emotion – Images are powerful. It’s one thing to read information like an emotional story; it’s another to see it first hand or watch someone tell their story. Add emotion to your content when you and your sponsors use powerful images to tell your stories.

Visual Content Sticks With You – If you close your eyes and think about some of your favorite memories, do you see text or images? If you’re like most people, you see vivid images that have a powerful meaning and stick in your memory. Your attendees are no different. Pictures and video can leave a lasting impression on your attendees. The stickiness of this form of media can help you and your sponsors create messages that resonate with your attendees and stay with them long after the end of your event.

Visual content relaxing and enjoyable activityVisual Content is Relaxing – A lot of people don’t think of reading as a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Most would rather sit back, slow down and effortlessly enjoy content that is presented using videos and pictures. You want your attendees to enjoy every minute of your event, and the smallest details can have the greatest impact. Don’t make them work harder than necessary to absorb your amazing content.

In Conclusion

Today, visual content isn’t a novelty item - it’s what your attendees expect. Social walls and activity feeds help you deliver content efficiently, display your event information, drive traffic to your vendors, and entertain your audience.

Take advantage of all the benefits visual content has to offer. Encourage your attendees and sponsors to post pictures and videos to your activity feed. And then, use social walls to display your exceptional content throughout your venue.

Contact us today to learn more about the power of social walls and visual content.

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