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New Virtual Platform Features that Boost Attendee Engagement


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What’s better than new event technology that creates transformative experiences for audiences? As virtual event trailblazers, we at MeetingPlay are constantly innovating to create new solutions that not only boost event engagement, but help virtual event organizers to understand the impact of their events. We want every attendee to leave our clients' events feeling like they have gained something truly valuable from attending. 

With that in mind, we have some exciting new virtual platform features to share. Keep reading to learn more about our best audience participation tips!

Attendee Sentiment & Advanced Reporting

Have you ever been left wondering if your virtual presentation is valuable to your audience? Now, you can find out. 

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Our new attendee sentiment and reporting will help you answer questions, like: 

  • What time did my attendees enter a session?

  • How long did they stay in the session?

  • Did they abandon the session early, and if so, why?


Finally we’ll help you answer that all-important question, “Was a presentation impactful?”


Panel Presentations

Need more than one presenter in your virtual event breakout sessions? No problem. 


Incorporating panel discussions into your virtual event is an excellent way to offer a moderated conversation between a host and multiple panelists who can offer differing viewpoints and expertise on a specific topic to keep attendee engagement up. 


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MeetingPlay’s Panel Presentations allow for up to 4 presenters or panel members to present at the same time. This option is available with our live and semi-live session delivery formats.


Does your event require a panel discussion format? Let’s chat.


Advanced Time Zone Configuration

Planning an event with international time zones and live sessions is no small feat. We are here to make it easy for you. 


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MeetingPlay’s newest agenda feature helps boost event engagement by allowing attendees to keep track of their sessions and when they will take place. First, attendees choose their time zone during onboarding. Then, on their event agenda, session times are visible in both the time zone the event is taking place in and their own time zone. 


These audience participation tips, such as the time zone onboarding, will alleviate a lot of guesswork around agenda planning and lead to a more seamless attendee experience overall. Knowing time zone complexities and staying wise to available solutions will help you plan the best virtual event experience for participants no matter where they are in the world.


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Simulated Live Sessions

Thrill your attendees and speakers alike with MeetingPlay's new session delivery format. Simulated live (also referred to as semi-live) sessions boost attendee engagement by combining the power of an ephemeral live stream and pre-recorded content, all in one. 


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With simulated live, 

  • Sessions start and end at a specific time so you can capitalize on the draw of ephemeral content
  • The video content counts down like a live stream
  • Presenters interact with the audience in real-time while the content plays via live video, audio, or chat
  • It's flexible and convenient

Learn more about simulated live


Theater and Engagement Modes

It’s no surprise that not all of your attendees have the same learning styles. Some may prefer to interact with other attendees throughout your sessions, while others want to zone in on the content. 


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Our new Theater and Engagement Modes accounts for just that. With theater mode, the content toggles to a wide screen view so that participants can focus on the content. Engagement mode maximizes interactions by spotlighting all of the engagement tools available at their fingertips. 


If your attendees can’t decide on what mode suits them, they have the opportunity to toggle between the two modes during the presentations duration. Simple modifications like these will allow your audience to be more engaged for the duration of your event.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to know that choosing virtual event software is not one size fits all. MeetingPlay offers the ability to customize and create an event that is truly yours. In addition, we partner with you to learn about what your event needs and we boost your event's engagement to make your event a success. 


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