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    Five Reasons to Embrace Local Resources for Your Event

    Sourcing locally is a growing trend and one that will likely stick around. Our culture is on the upswing when it comes to caring for our health,...

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    Top Blog Posts of 2019

    Staying up to date on event industry trends is vital to your success, but there are so many industry resources to keep track of and even if you...

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    How to Increase Survey Responses

    What is the most effective way to find out what your attendees are hoping for with your next event? How do you know how satisfied your guests were...

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    Gift Ideas for Event Sponsors, Vendors and Talent

    It takes a lot of teamwork for a successful event to come together and it wouldn’t be possible without your sponsors, vendors and talent. Giving a...

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    December Highlights from Around the Web

    We're sure you have a great list of event industry influencers that you follow on social media. But getting through all the tweets and posts that...

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    How to Choose a Menu for your Event

    Most people have strong opinions about food, and that includes your event menu. Attendees will remember an outstanding meal and they’ll never...

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