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    8 Ways to Save On Traditionally Expensive Event & Meeting Must Haves

    Let's admit it - events are expensive. Venues, meals, event apps, talent and speakers, activities, the list goes on and on - in fact we've shared...

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    Event Check-In Integrations With Apple Wallet| Meeting Play

    What’s in your wallet?

    It’s true, far too common is a woman mocked for the contents of her purse and wallet. 

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    The Importance of Event App Notifications

    We have all been there.  Your event has kicked off, sessions are running smoothly, people are using the app, and then mother nature decides to...

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    Mobile Event App - How MeetingPlay Can Enhance Your Event

    Mobile apps are the new face of attendee engagement, and #‎EventProfs know it! With custom options to showcase your brand, proprietary algorithms...

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    QR Codes at Events: How using QR Codes at events builds and drives attendee engagement

    Speaking to event planners day in and day out – we at MeetingPlay continuously hear the same priority pouring from their mouths – event engagement.

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