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    How to Measure ROI and Demonstrate Your Event’s Value

    Events have a lot of benefits, both tangible and intangible. And while there's nothing wrong with results like brand awareness or getting the word...

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    Tech Savvy Planner Secrets (Whitepaper)

    We already know that mobile event apps are not only changing live experiences, they have become a critical tool for attendee engagement.

    But if...

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    These 24 Event Metrics Will Help You Measure Success

    After the event is over, and the last post-event survey is collected, your boss calls you in with a few questions.

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    5 Reasons Your Sponsors Love Mobile Event Apps

    What makes your event successful? Impressing your attendees is a big piece of the puzzle. But to see a return on your event planning investment,...

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    How MeetingPlay’s Mobile Event Apps Can Return an ROI

    Event professionals who seek a mobile event app often think that it’s too expensive, or that they don’t really need one. However, they fail to...

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    Engaging Employees with Custom Company Apps

    Engagement and meaningful connections are powerful components and aspects of meetings and events.

    Mobile event apps allow attendees to interact...

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