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    MeetingPlays #EventProfs: Meet Katie V.

    Each Friday on the MeetingPlay blog we like to get a bit personal and share the faces behind the mobile event apps and event registration...

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    Happy Mother's Day from MeetingPlay

    There's a multitude us in the events world can relate to mothers.

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    MeetingPlay's #EventProfs: Lauren P.

    Each Friday on the MeetingPlay blog we focus on our talented teammates that are behind the hard work of MeetingPlay - the dedicated faces behind...

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    We Are MeetingPlay | MeetingPlay Manifesto

    We’re not like other mobile event app companies.

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    Happy Valentine's Day from MeetingPlay's #EventProfs

    Working at MeetingPlay, you interact, encounter, and become part of a group of quite diverse individuals. What is great about our group however,...

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    MeetingPlay's #EventProfs: Jimmy B.

    Every Friday on the MeetingPlay blog - we focus on the talent behind the hard work of MeetingPlay, the dedicated faces behind MeetingPlay's mobile...

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