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    How Bingo Breaks the Ice and Drives Event Engagement

    From pre-event networking to a mid-event scavenger hunt, gamification has the power to change an event experience from start to finish. Event apps...

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    For Your Inspiration: Our Best Event App Designs

    Premier app providers offer full design customization to make your event app reflect your brand and your goals. The question then becomes: how...

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    The Inside Scoop: How Expert Planners Gamify Their Events

    Have you ever wondered how other successful meeting planners use the newest event tech? This series takes you behind the scenes to see how your...

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    How To Gamify A Conference | MeetingPlay

    If you're looking to improve attendance, increase engagement, and create an unforgettable experience at your next event, it may be time to gamify...

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    The Complete Guide to Event Gamification App Troubleshooting

    Using a digital event gamification app changes the game in the world of event planning and event marketing. Gamification apps, like the ones...

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    3 Situations Where Group Gamification is a Must

    There are times when you’re planning an event with the sole purpose of bringing people together. While this is typically a part of any event...

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