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    5 Gregarious Upstate New York Cities for Meetings and Events

    Upstate New York is home to a multitude of delightfulness – the best football team (Buffalo Bills), the best musical artists (Goo Goo Dolls),...

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    7 Friendliest Tennessee Cities for Meetings and Events

    Tennessee – home of hot chicken, country music, beautiful rolling mountains, and named after the Yuchi Indian word, ‘Tana-see’, which ironically...

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    5 Fantastic Florida Cities for Meetings and Events

    Florida, Spanish for ‘land of flowers’, known to us ‘yankees’ as the place to retreat to during cold winter months, probably due in part to the...

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    5 Idealistic North Carolina Cities for Meetings and Events

    Welcome to North Carolina – home of the Tar Heels, large estates, and towns even sweeter than the potatoes they are known for. Whether you’re...

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    7 Virginia Cities Perfect for Any Event or Meeting

    Land of dogwood flowers and beautiful red cardinals – and a state perhaps so far drastically different from what is known as “Northern” vs....

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    4 South Carolina Cities Ready to Host Events

    If event professionals are looking how to shag dance, sadly, MeetingPlay can’t help you. (We can help event professionals create meaningful...

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