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Top 8 Reasons to Include a Mobile App in Your Event Tech Stack


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There’s an app for everything nowadays. In fact, there will be 184 billion apps to be downloaded in 2024.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the event tech landscape and has given planners and attendees more options to choose from with how they attend and interact at events. The problem is, there’s almost too many options to sift through when planning your event. Mobile apps have been a popular tool at live events for years, offering wayfinding, event information, and networking opportunities. Now that proverbial floodgates of event technology have opened, are mobile apps even necessary at your next live or hybrid event? Even more so, are they relevant anymore?

The answer is yes. While we’re changing the event space for a new way of eventing, a mobile app offers you an opportunity to increase ROI, reduce waste, build safety and trust with your hybrid attendees, and keep them engaged during the event.


Check out the Top 8 Ways a Mobile Event Can Improve and Enhance your Event Experience:


1. Convenient Check-In

Mobile Event Apps Include Convenient Check-In

With COVID-19, mobile apps have become a way to keep your hybrid, in-person attendees safe with safe, convenient check ins. While the eventing world switches gears into a new format, it will be increasingly important to gain, and keep, your in-person guests’ confidence, safety, and trust. A mobile app with MeetingPlay technology notifies your attendees of registration wait times, provides a QR badge code for self-scanning, and it allows you, the organizer, to update all the safety measures your organization and the venue are taking to keep the event a safe event.

mobile event App Event Communications


2. Event Communications

Have you ever needed to share important information regarding schedule adjustments, check-in times, special offers, or an emergency? A mobile app allows you to send a communication directly to the attendee’s phone in real-time. The attendee will have notice of a change of schedule or any other pertinent information necessary for them to have a seamless event experience


3. Attendee Personalization

Mobile Event App Attendee Personalization What if your event app could answer questions before attendees have a chance to ask? For example, once they check into the conference, they're going to want the internet password. When they leave a session, they're going to look for the location of the next session.

 MeetingPlay's event app provides information when and where attendees need it. And thanks to machine learning functionality, the mobile app takes things a step further by learning people's preferences and habits to create a truly personalized experience each time they visit their feed.

Mobile Event App Personalized Schedules


4. Personalized Schedules

A personalized experience in the palm of your hands. With a mobile app, you can be sure your attendees have access to an agenda curated for them with the ability to add sessions to their schedule, visit virtual sponsor booths, book in-person meetings with exhibitors, and find the content that matters to them.


5. Increase Sponsorship Revenue

Delight your exhibitors and sponsors with additional branding options in the mobile app. Your hybrid attendees will not only see the sponsor booth in-person, but with a virtual hallway, your exhibitors branding will be on display. From push notifications for offers and reminders, geo-mapping for targeted marketing, and custom branding, your exhibitors and sponsors will be on display. 

6. Downloadable Content

Sometimes your attendees are watching one panel and missing another one they had their eyes on. Having access to an app gives you the freedom to include downloadable resources for your attendees, including informational one-sheets, eBooks, and more. Downloadable content is also helpful for safety measures. Rules and regulations, safety protocols, and instructions are all accessed through the app.

7. Networking

Mobile Event App NetworkingHow many times have you gone to a tradeshow or conference and realized you didn’t have enough business cards? You don’t have to worry anymore! With increased wariness over COVID-19, a digital business card linked to your attendee profile will allow your attendees to network easily, keep in touch, chat via direct message, and much more. Bridge the gap between your virtual and hybrid attendees by using AI matchmaking technology to connect an in-person attendee with a virtual one, bringing your virtual guest into the in-person event atmosphere.

8. Gamification

Your attendees want to have fun at your events and gamification allows you to measure engagements across key performance indicators that matter to you. With gamification, your attendees can create their schedule, earn points for snapping photos in the photo booth, posting on the social wall, checking into a session and much more. Gamification is customizable to meet your event goals, and our account managers and developers are skilled in creating unique experiences for your hybrid audiences.


Mobile apps no longer must be one-dimensional bricks in your phone. They can be engaging, informative, provide safety to your attendees, and be beautifully branded with 3-D technology,


If you want to learn more about MeetingPlay’s mobile app technology, we’re here to help. Create the engaging on-site experience that your attendees will be talking about. With rich attendee profiles, safe-entry with QR code badge scanning, direct messaging, and MeetingPlay’s next-level AI matchmaking, MeetingPlay’s mobile app enhances your in-person and hybrid events, giving attendees the peace of mind they want and the interactive experience they’ll love.

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