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This Year's Best Rated CEO by MeetingPlay Employees

Blair Pettrey

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When we think of the most exciting CEO’s in technology – our minds tend to shift to Silicon Valley businesses: Facebook, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, etc.  It’s not often we think of the amazing entrepreneurs, business owners, and innovative genius’ that while not in Silicon Valley, are doing incredible things in technology from small towns, cities, and countries across the globe.

The Washington Post recently wrote about the best rated CEO and it had a very unique twist: This year’s best-rated CEO by employees is someone you’ve probably never heard of.

This year, the winner was the managing director of Bain & Company, Bob Bechek.

While perhaps to the average individual who is used to hearing the names Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs,  or Bill Gates – Bob Bechek may be ‘an unknown CEO’. But what about all of the amazing CEO’s of small businesses, startups, or merely not fortune 500 ranking companies?

When you’re changing the way events engage and interact with event attendees – not many people may stop to think what your company is truly doing – or how innovative it truly is. Sure, MeetingPlay builds custom event apps. We have a unique process that attracts clients, that engages attendees, and truly provides a catalyst for successful and engaging events.

We’ve shared about the many faces ‘behind the scenes’ that go into this amazing and custom experience and event app that MeetingPlay creates for our clients. We’ve showcased the success our clients have had utilizing our apps, the empowering solutions we provide that separate us from our ‘competition’ and provided truly valuable solutions, tools, and tips for event professionals and event planners alike on our blog.

But one person we have not showcased – is one that my coworkers and I agree, is our MeetingPlay's amazing CEO.

MeetingPlay’s CEO

When I first interviewed with MeetingPlay – I walked in and was shocked when the person that I had spoken to on the phone prior – the person who was the CEO of one of the most innovative event technology businesses. I met with a man across the table only but a few years older than myself (and looked like he could be a freshman in college!). His humble appearance however, quickly left my mind as he began to share his passion and knowledge about the events industry.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for one of the biggest hotel chains in the world, Joe Schwinger has firsthand understanding and experience with what event professionals expect and want from their events: Joe gained a valuable experience that let him knew how to help make events more successful.

Couple over a decade of hospitality experience with a wealth of knowledge in many areas that most can’t even master one in their lifetime, and you have Joe Schwinger.

And perhaps here at MeetingPlay we failed our CEO by not all rushing to Glassdoor and writing the raving reviews of both MeetingPlay and our CEO as much as he does deserve them. We’ll just blame it on focusing on our amazing clients and their amazing events and ensuring success for each and every one.

In Conclusion

The Washington Post mentioned that Bechek was known for “being known as modest with a self-deprecating wit” and calling “empathy and perseverance the most essential qualities for a successful career,” and perhaps that’s where MeetingPlay’s CEO Joe Schwinger and Bain & Company’s CEO Bob Bechek are most similar.

Working for one of the most intelligent people, and one that truly believes in the power of a team and more so the value in success for all – Joe Schwinger truly radiates and represents what a CEO of a successful company should be.

Thank you, Joe Schwinger!

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