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The Rising Popularity of Self-Service Production Platforms for Virtual Events


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Virtual events are here to stay, and to adapt to this change, event platforms are beginning to offer more self-service production features to help presenters create amazing content, connect to audiences more effectively, and to enhance the overall virtual event experience. At the same time, they are reducing the complexity that presenters have to deal with as they produce their content.

But what is a self-service production platform? Why does it matter for video streaming and virtual events? Let’s discuss the basics now.

What Is Self-Service Video Streaming?


As the name suggests, self-service video streaming is the practice of an individual within an organization – such as a speaker at a conference – setting up, preparing, and executing a live video stream or webcast with little or no technical or production experience.

This was simply not possible even 10 years ago – but modern cloud technology and simplified presentation tools have made it possible for a user to deliver a professional, slick live broadcast to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of people with just a few clicks.


How Does Self-Service Video Streaming Empower Speakers?

MP Studio PresentersTraditional streaming technology is extremely complex. While live video streaming has been around for a while, it has often involved complicated backend tools that require a lot of computing power and technical know-how like encoders, streaming programs, and other such tools – meaning that hosting live virtual events required lots of setup, technical support, and troubleshooting.

Self-service video streaming is different. It allows almost anyone to begin streaming an event directly from a desktop computer, a laptop, a conference room, or even a mobile device. A self-service video streaming platform operates β€œbehind the scenes,” operating automatically and dramatically reducing the technical know-how required to host live virtual events.

This empowers speakers to host their own events with fewer hiccups and technical glitches and allows them to focus on the content of their message and the impact it can have on their audience – not the micromanagement of complex computer programs and systems.


Who Is Moving Towards Offering Self-Service Video Streaming?


Many large and mid-size enterprises are moving toward self-service video streaming, particularly organizations that regularly hold conferences, webinars, and other thought leadership events.

These companies may already have an investment in tools like Zoom or Slack and be familiar with the basics of using streaming video – but are looking for a more comprehensive, all-in-one solution to handle large-scale events.


How Self-Service Video Streaming Improves Events


Not sure why you should invest in a self-service video streaming platform like MeetingPlay Studio? Here are a few great reasons.

  • Simple live and on-demand streaming – From small meetings to large virtual conferences involving thousands of attendees, self-service video streaming simplifies the process of live and on-demand streaming.

  • Desktop and mobile support – Your event can reach users where they are, providing a full HD experience on both mobile and desktop.

  • Record events – Self-service video production and streaming solutions like MeetingPlay allow events to be easily recorded and viewed later as VOD (Video On Demand) recordings.

  • Customize branding – Self-service tools allow brands to quickly and easily change the look, feel, and appearance of their streaming sessions, enhancing the impact of their content.


Choose MeetingPlay As Your Self-Service Video Production & Streaming Platform

MeetingPlay is the ultimate self-service video production and streaming platform for virtual events. With a simple design, powerful cloud architecture, and a huge variety of tools and features that put control in the hands of event coordinators and presenters, MeetingPlay simplifies and enhances virtual events of all types. Take a look at our virtual event platform now, or contact us if you have any questions.

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