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The Missing Link Between Engagement and Insight

Blair Pettrey

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Having a mobile event app has many perks.  We know it helps save money and paper by getting rid of all of those detailed agendas and long packets handed out at registration.  We know mobile event apps encourage attendees to network and engage with all parts of the event.  Mobile event apps are your event in your attendees' hands.  But there is one more valuable asset that mobile event apps provide: the link between event engagement and insight (data).  A mobile event app has the capability of measuring all the transactions that happened at your event.  And I'm not talking about exchanges of money; I'm talking about attendees networking with other, connecting with exhibitors, downloading presentations, and all those real-life interactions that happen at events.  This information gives an event planner all the insight needed to prove ROI, improve next year's event, and capitalize during the event. 

Here's How Data Helps

Proving ROI:  With a mobile event app, you can prove ROI by using data to show how engaged attendees were in your conference.  An event app captures attendees' actions, like taking notes, posting comments and photos, and connecting with other attendees.  All this data proves ROI and also shows you which strategies worked best at the event. 

Mobile event apps help tremendously with exhibitors.  Features like lead retrieval can give exhibitors a clear well-organized list of leads they have generated during the event.  Furthermore, event apps can capture even more possible leads for their exhibitors.  With data, event apps can provide exhibitors a list of attendees that checked in to the booth, answered an associated poll question, or downloaded an associated asset .  This data alone expands exhibitors' lists of leads and connects them with people they did not have a chance to meet.

Improving the Future: We all know improving your event year to year is very important.  Knowing where to improve your event can be a hard question to answer.  Surveys are a great tool, but it is not guaranteed that attendees will take the time to fill them out.  A mobile event app gives you the insight you need.  See which sessions attendees engaged in the most by seeing how many questions were submitted via Live Questions or how many notes were taken.  Take all this data and more to see what parts of the event attendees got the most out of, and let it help mold your next event.

Capitalizing Now: Mobile event apps can also help you with improving your event in real time, not having to wait for next year.  By seeing when attendees are engaged the most and when they start to lose drive helps give you the edge to know when to give them extra encouragement.  Our real-time stats show you when attendees are connecting, posting, chatting, and answering polls.  These stats, mixed with the ability to push out real time notifications, can help you give your attendees the extra push they need!

Whatever it is you are looking, for whether it's proving ROI, getting insight to improve next year's event, or even helping gauge your event as it is happening, mobile event apps help bridge the missing link between engagement and the insight you are looking for.

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