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The Importance of Work and Family Balance

Blair Pettrey

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Approaching the end of October, I wanted to take a moment to recognize National Work and Family month, and the importance of that balance for each of us.

Recently people have been talking about a tweet from Randi Zuckerberg back in 2011:

The entrepreneur's dilemma: Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep. Maintaining friendships.


Pick 3.

The reality is that my job comes home with me and can interfere with many of my best-laid plans; after all, issues may arise at any hour in the event technology world. However, they say you have to give some to get some - and it’s true.

What we’re willing to give may differ for each individual, so it’s important to know what you ARE NOT willing to give. The solution to my personal success was to learn what these are for me…

1.) Leaving work in time to pick up my girls at the end of the day.

Being home with my children means that at the end of the workday, when I am off to pick up my girls and take them to dance, I’m often checking my phone in between. It means many nights, I am ‘logging in’ and making sure that fires are eliminated. However, having the flexibility to be with my girls and have dinner as a family is worth the later night hours.

2.) Flexibility to not travel when my spouse is.

Equally important to me is to coordinate my travel schedule with my husband so that one of us is always in town with our girls. This takes some creativity, but it’s a priority for my husband and myself, so we always find a way to make it work.

3.) Having a career that leaves me feeling satisfied.

Every individual has their own purpose and drive for their career, but I have found that I thrive when I am meeting successful challenges. In my career, I am afforded that opportunity to see success as a result of hard work, and that provides both professional and personal satisfaction, creating a balance between career and life.

Working hard to achieve success is just who I am, and always have been, and I work in a career that allows me that. I have two daughters and it’s important to me that they understand not only the importance of a strong work ethic, but the importance of finding fulfillment in your career.

In Conclusion

They say you can’t have it all, but I’ve found the mix of what’s most important to me and make sure I DO have those. “All” is relative depending on your perspective. My advice for others is to find a way to achieve your “all” - find your boundaries, and allow those to guide your choices.

Happy National Work and Family Balance Month! From both myself and everyone at MeetingPlay – we hope you find fulfillment at work, at home, and wherever the two may intersect.

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Lisa Vann, COO of MeetingPlay