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The Importance of Event App Notifications

Blair Pettrey

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We have all been there.  Your event has kicked off, sessions are running smoothly, people are using the app, and then mother nature decides to rain on your parade.  Literally.  Or maybe reception/dinner instead of a parade, but you get the point!  You knew this was a possibility and even though you never wanted it to happen, you have a backup plan ready to go.  You change locations, and everything is set except for letting all of your attendees know where the new location is. Sure you can send a message to everyone's TV in the hotel if that is a possibility.  But what about notifying everyone with something almost everyone has on them all the time?  Here come push notifications to save the day!

Push notifications are the best way to keep attendees in the know with the most up-to-date information about your event.  This way you don't have to worry about any changes that come up, because of a lot of times, they will.  

MeetingPlay's Push Notifications lets you send out a notification to the entire body of attendees, to one specific attendee and everyone in between.

Individual Notifications:

Let's say one of your attendees, lost his wallet in the general session.  With push notifications, you can send Hunter a message directly saying we have located your wallet and tell him where to pick it up.

Attendee Type Notifications:

Being able to send out notifications to particular attendee types is very beneficial.  Say if you have a delayed speaker rehearsal due to a technology glitch, you will be able to send a notification out informing only the speakers about the delay.

Custom Messaging Groups:

Not only does MeetingPlay's notifications let you choose a custom group of attendees to send a notification to, but it also lets you save custom groups if you plan to send multiple notifications out.  Talk about a time saver!

This works perfectly if you have a multi-track agenda.  For example, you could create groups of attendees for each track.  If rooms get changed around, you can single out the groups of people and let each group know specifically where they are to go instead of having a large message full of room changes for everyone.

Notifications to everyone:

Have a general notification? Notifying everyone is made quick and easy with push notifications.  Besides using push notifications for keeping attendees in the know, you can use them for reminders.  Many people use push notifications to remind attendees of a survey or a cut off time for a photo contest.  

Having a direct connection to your attendees is very beneficial.  It is up to you to decide how to best utilize it!


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