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The Importance of Event App Integration

Blair Pettrey

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As event professionals – we have tools that we love and rely on.

From our CRM (customer relationship management) tool that we rely on for every single interaction and email that we send to a client or prospect to our CMS (Content Management System) and how we share updated content across our company, venue or event blog and website – and the many other tools in-between.

Whether it’s a mobile event app, registration tool, a seating diagram tool, or  an analytical reporting tool that measures certain factors of your event or attendees – if we are going to add any additional tool, app, etc. – we want one thing: a tool or app that will seamlessly integrate with the tools we already rely on.

Enter API.

APIapplication program interface – is a “set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. API specifies how software components should interact and APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.”

Why is API important?

Perhaps it’s not specifically ‘API’ that is of most importance, but rather that any of the tools that are built and we as event professional rely on – be capable of ‘API integration’. API integration is the most important component of any and every tool, software, app or solution any event professional ever chooses to incorporate into their event. Why?

API Integration

Because API integration allows ease of access. API allowance and integration provides a way for software’s that are different (i.e. your mobile event app and your event ticketing system, or your event app and your event content management system (CMS)) to speak to each other, and sync.

API integration allows two separate tools to speak together in a seamless way. What do we mean by seamless? We mean in a way that the end user would never notice that the integration was among different tools. Whether it’s interacting within your native mobile event app that is connected through API integration with your content management system (CMS) or any other variety of situations and ways in which event professionals can connect tools through API integration – the end result is always the same: a delighted event attendee and user.

Why MeetingPlay?

MeetingPlay’s mobile event app is truly an industry leader, in multiple ways. And one of those important and valuable ways is the value we place accessible sourcing. Sure – to you and I as ‘non developers’, that doesn’t mean a whole lot. But when it comes to integrating event technology seamlessly together – it’s a very important and valuable asset to have from the event app provider you choose.

We have worked seamlessly with multiple platforms and tools that our clients have brought to us – and continue to integrate and connect additional platforms and tools daily. MeetingPlay’s mobile app developers are trained to build, and work with solutions – thus optimizing the end result and goals of every event professional’s intention when choosing a mobile event app (or any event technology tool for that matter): success and strong ROI.

In Conclusion

MeetingPlay has in house staff ready to work and accommodate every client we work with – ensuring a seamless and successful integration between event tools. Whether it’s integrating your website to your custom, mobile event app platform from MeetingPlay – or it’s connecting the dots between your event attendees access to your event agenda scheduler all within the mobile event app. There’s no solution or situation MeetingPlay can’t help integrate and streamline within our event app and your event.

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