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Are Mobile Event Apps Successful?

Blair Pettrey

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Scouring the internet to find the best mobile event app – you’ll find a host of different companies, with different features and abilities. But what makes event apps successful? Can the worst mobile event app outperform the best mobile event app and if so why? How? Or can event professionals simply 'build it and they will come'. 

1. Myth: You Can 'Build it & They Will Come'

Event apps, no matter how amazing, impressive, or unique they may be, need to be known to be downloaded. If your event attendees aren't aware of the event app - they don't know to download it - thus the app adoption rate is going to be very low. It is important to promote an events app to attendees.  There is a multitude of ways to increase app adoption - incentivization, gamification, feasibility and most importantly by promoting the app. 

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2. Myth: Multiple Apps Are Necessary To Do Everything 

Event apps can be as basic as simply being home to maps and the event agenda; to as powerful as an event professional desires.  MeetingPlay helps build a multitude of uses and exciting app features - allowing event professionals to pick and choose what works best for their event. Gamification? Check. Networking and meeting requests? Check. One-on-one private messages? Check. CE tracking? Check. Interactive maps? Check. (As you can see, the list goes on and on of what mobile event app features MeetingPlay offers - all within one single app!)

Successful mobile event apps are truly that - a singular app that encompasses everything attendees need and want. Events having multiple apps for various purposes leads attendees to confusion and app burn out (and thus poor app adoption and use rates). Keep attendees engaged and excited in one single app.

3. Myth: Event Apps Aren't Secure

Event apps can be built with security features as open or closed as required. Event apps can require attendees to have a specific email address and/or password to log into the app, despite the app being publically downloadable from the iOS and Android app stores.  Data from event apps can be encrypted on the app servers, over WiFi and while being used on attendees devices. 

Additional security features of mobile event apps can include third party verification, remote content wiping, backend database security, and more. MeetingPlay often works with event professionals on building the most secure mobile event apps

In Conclusion - Are Event Apps Successful?

The reality is event apps are as successful as the team that is behind them. One of the best parts about working with MeetingPlay when it comes to mobile event apps is the dedicated account management team that help event professionals every step of the way. This unique and dedicated approach to event app development means event professionals can be involved as little or as much as they desire, as well as being provided resources to help ensure the event app is a success.

Our account managers help event professionals identify and define the goals and desires of the event - ensuring the event app is a host of value and delights the attendees as well as the event planner!

So as the age old adage goes - (event app) success is the result of hard work and of course, MeetingPlay!

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