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November Highlights from Around the Web


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We're sure you have a great list of event industry influencers that you follow on social media. But getting through all the tweets and posts that come your way can become overwhelming,

To help you along, we pulled together a few of the best posts we saw on the web this month. We hope this quick summary will give you some great inspiration, and maybe even help you uncover someone new to follow!

Women Event Professionals Weigh In on the Top Trends for 2020

Women Event Professional and Event Industry Trends 2020

Some of the top minds in the industry - who just happen to be women - share their predictions on top trends. Big ideas in the industry focus on experiential events, more opportunities to connect, non traditional meeting formats, sustainability and much more.

Read all the responses here.

Private, Personalized Marketing Experiences on Major Social Platforms

Social Media Marketing for Events

Personalization has been a hot topic for a while now (check out our ebook on this topic here). Read this article to learn how the top social sites are making major updates allowing users to chose how their information is shared and even help curate their feeds.

First-Timer Strategy

First Time Event Attendee Strategy

Do you have specific efforts focused on event first-timers? Just because someone attends your event, it doesn't mean they'll be back, and this article helps readers focus on this premise, and shares examples you can take to make a great first impression. 

At MeetingPlay, we've used matchmaking algorithms to partner first time attendees to event veterans.

Successful Event Sponsorships

Event Sponsorships Successful Tips

What makes your event successful? Impressing your attendees is a big piece of the puzzle. But to see a return on your event planning investment, you need to attract interested sponsors, and plenty of them.

Sponsors need to see a return on their investment, as well. To achieve value, they need to interact with as many of your attendees as possible and generate leads that could drive increased sales. This article provides tips to help you do just that!

For more sponsorship ideas, take a look at this post we wrote around monetizing your event app.

Choosing an Event Theme

Event Theme Choosing

Your conference theme has a big impact on the overall experience: it helps set the tone, shapes the agenda, creates session content and drives marketing direction.  If you need help choosing the right theme for your event, this article has some helpful tips.

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