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How to Boost Social Media Engagement at Your Next Event


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Social media is a powerful tool for promotion, but it’s also essential for keeping your audience engaged during the event. Attendees spend a lot of time on their social networks, so instead of losing attendee attention, successful planners use social to their advantage. Read on for tips on using social media to boost engagement at events. 

Call to action 

With all of the exciting event activities going on, your guests need a reminder. Be clear and consistent in doing so, and even better, add a reason. Can you offer them anything in return for posting? Perhaps they’ll be entered into a drawing or selected tweets can be read during a presentation. In any case, reminders with incentives are a great way to start. 

Hashtag and handles

Social media engagement at eventAn effective hashtag should be created early in the game. The goal is to come up with a short, original and clear tagline that aligns with your event objective and overall brand. Use your hashtag on all of your social media, marketing materials and website. If it’s too hard to spell or remember, it’s too long.

We also suggest printing your hashtag and social media handles on name badges and around your event. You can also consider adding the WiFi details so that attendees have everything they need to start posting.

Event app activity feed

Event social media planYou’ve done your due diligence and have created the best app for your event. Most likely, it includes an activity feed. Make sure that it’s easily noticed, accessible and user-friendly. It can’t hurt to remind your attendees about the feed during the event! We recently took the idea a step further by setting up categories within the feed (i.e. “Photosphere” and “Hot Tips and Spots”) so that attendees could hop in and out of the areas that interested them most. 

Social wall

A social wall is one of the most effective ways to boost social activity. The best part is that you can curate a wall with the most relevant content and of course, hashtags, that will excite and motivate your guests to share posts and continue to participate. 

In-house guidance and participation 

Consider assigning one of your tech savvy teammates to run a social media booth or kiosk onsite. This can operate similarly to a concierge service. If attendees need help accessing or participating on social media, they’ll know who to ask! 

Furthermore, be sure that your team is monitoring and contributing to your social channels and hashtags, in real time. 


using social media at eventsThis one is pretty straightforward and fun. Similar to the jumbo screen at sporting events, add a social media display to broadcast posts on the big screen! Not only will this add to the buzz, but it’ll give your attendees a big reason to post — it’s always a thrill to see your posts on the big screen.


Gamification incentivizes your attendees to engage. You can hold a contest to generate buzz, distribute points for every post, use posting as a way to be entered into a drawing for a giveaway...the possibilities are endless. For more tips on gamification, get some advice from expert planners

How Can MeetingPlay help?

This tips should help Don’t forget to have fun with your social posts, displays and games. The more engaged you are with your own content, the more your audience will be. If you’re looking for more in-depth advice on using social media at events or on putting together an event social media plan, subscribe to the MeetingPlay blog. And as always, if you want to talk it over with an expert, don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo! We would be happy to share examples of many of the tactics listed above.

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