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6 Reasons Why Mobile Apps for Events Win over Websites


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We’ve woven cell phones, laptops, tablets, and apps into our daily lives. Technology impacts how we interact with each other, learn new information, discover entertaining content, and plan our schedules.

The event-planning environment is no different. Your attendees are accustomed to having endless access to technology. They expect it to be a part of their event experience. It’s no longer a question of whether you should integrate technology into your event plan, it’s a question of what type of technology to use.

Here are six reasons to choose mobile apps for events over a website:

1. Mobile Event Apps Can be Personalized– Event apps allow you to customize your attendees’ experiences and agendas. Websites only serve as a general resource for everyone in attendance. The personalization you can offer through an event app helps your attendees network, find content, navigate their surroundings, and stay engaged.

2. It’s Easy to Send Updates Using Event Apps – You know how hectic planning an event can be. Changes are commonplace, and you need to be able to update your attendees in real time. Mobile apps for events allow you to send push notifications directly to each attendee so they can stay informed. Reliable updates help to prevent frustration and missed opportunities to enjoy everything your event has to offer.

3. Your Attendees Are Already on Their Mobile Devices – Your attendees are already using mobile apps throughout their day. While laptops and websites are still part of our culture, mobile apps have taken over. Rather than competing with other mobile apps, why not provide your attendees with an event app to couple with the technology they’re already using?

4. You Can Incorporate Camera and Messaging Features Into Your Event App – Mobile devices feature a variety of functions that can add immense value to your event, like photo uploads and direct messaging. Unlike websites, apps integrate seamlessly with mobile devices. When you use an event app, you can take advantage of the mobile features and offer your attendees a sleek and efficient experience. Your users can:

  • Share their experiences on digital event walls
  • Navigate your venue using virtual 3-D maps
  • Direct message other attendees
  • Network using iBeacon technology and matchmaking
  • Utilize gamification features for increased engagement

Your event attendees will enjoy an unforgettable experience without missing a beat.

5. Mobile Event Apps Are Reliable – Websites are only as good as their connection to Wi-Fi. The last thing you want is to leave your attendees in the dark due to spotty coverage or a malfunctioning network. On the other hand, mobile devices allow your attendees to access information and content even when your Wi-Fi network fails. Mobile devices have LTE connections. Even when your network is unreliable, your attendees can still enjoy every aspect of your event app on their phones.

6. Mobile Event Apps Are Mobile (Obviously) – You’re not planning a stagnant event. Your event is interactive, dynamic, engaging, and electric. You want your attendees to move around, interact with vendors, network with other attendees, and explore your venue. When you create an event resource on a mobile-friendly app, it allows your attendees to stay informed and engaged while they’re on the move.

At one point, a website was all you needed for your event. But times have changed. Your attendees expect a customized event app to enhance their user experience.

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